vancouver island Shipping Container Rentals

For years, customers just like you have been asking us “Where can I rent a shipping container in Victoria?

Victoria Shipping Containers Inc. is now offering shipping container rentals on top of our already existing sales and modifications business.

For just $129 per month, you can rent a 20-foot Victoria Shipping Container and have it delivered directly to your door, office, warehouse or job site.

You can also store your rental container with all of your stuff at our facility for just $70 per month at any time.

At just $199 combined for off-site mobile storage in a 20′ shipping container, nobody in Victoria comes even close to our service, flexibility and pricing.  



$1,000 Container Rental Buy-Out Bonus Cash 

We hear it every day… Customers who have been renting from another Vancouver Island-based container company for years call us looking to buy a container because they are tired of paying the enormous rental fees from the other guys. But the competition won’t let them buy it outright. 

Vancouver Island deserves better, you deserve better and at Victoria Shipping Containers, and we’re thinking outside the container to bring you the best.

Victoria Shipping Containers are BIGGER than Pods, cost less than Big Steel Box, Stop & Store or Mobox and are more durable than U-Pak vinyl wrapped pallets.  

Our customers cherish the flexibility of being able to store more stuff, get their space back and move out seasonal clutter every six months as we bring their container back to them on demand. They quickly realize that being able to have it sent off to a secure location 20 minutes away is absolutely fantastic!

We’ve made high-end storage service fast, affordable and convenient and that’s is easy to get used to. If we do our job right, there is a high likelihood that, at some point, you will want to buy your Victoria Shipping Container outright. So we decided to think outside the container and asked ourselves…

What if instead of telling customers they can’t buy the rental container, we do the complete opposite?

We’re not only happy to sell you your rental but as a thank you for your loyal business and local support, we’re also going to give you back 25% of the rental cost up to $1000 to put towards your buy-out.