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Welcome to VictoriaShippingContainers.ca. We not only sell great new and used shipping containers and deliver them in and around Victoria, BC and all the way up Vancouver Island, our goal is to make buying a shipping container and having it delivered as quick and easy as possible.

You can now see our complete inventory with up-to-date pricing and photos, and then buy your shipping container in our online store.

For those who prefer a more personal experience, we look forward to getting your call or text to Victoria Shipping Containers at (778) 403-3990.

Have questions? Send us an email to hi@victoriashippingcontainers.ca and we will be very happy to answer all of them.


Shipping Container Prices


Get the best prices on shipping containers from us!

We buy directly from the biggest shipping companies globally and look forward to passing on the savings to you. A few variables affect the price of shipping containers, including the value of the Canadian Dollar, so check back frequently for shipping container price updates.

Paint Your Container

Customize your shipping container

Looking to save money on a used container but want a clean new look? One of our favorite ways to restore the look of a used shipping container is to have it painted and we can do that for you! It’s a great way to save some money, recycle and get a great custom finished product. Your container might be retired from shipping goods across the ocean but it will look and function fantastically for local storage. Check out all the great ways we can customize your shipping container.



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Shipping Container Pricing Updates   

Like many industries, the shipping and logistics industry is unpredictable and suffering from the effects of ultra-inflation. This has resulted in an extremely large increase in shipping container prices. While we understand how this might come as a shock, we can assure you that these increases are not our doing. Please call us for the latest pricing as port prices fluctuate daily. 

Buy Better Shipping Containers

As a direct purchaser from the largest shipping companies in the world, we have been given the opportunity to purchase bulk lots of the best quality shipping containers at great prices.

Container Delivery

Tilt-Deck Flatbed Delivery: Unless otherwise requested, all of our deliveries are done using a tilt-deck flatbed truck. The price for flatbed delivery is $110/hr + 1 hour for loading and offloading. Occasionally our team will quote prices that include delivery. Tilt-deck flat bed delivery is what we mean in such cases where delivery is included in the price. 

Crane Truck Delivery: For added flexibility, we also deliver by deliver containers by way of crane truck for an additional fee depending on the complexity of the offload. If your delivery requires crane truck offload, you must let us know prior to delivery. For a basic offload off the side of a truck, customers can expect to pay $140/hr + 1hr for loading and offloading. To lift containers over hedges, fences, houses or obstacles, customers can expect the hourly cost to range anywhere from $180/hr up to $350/hr depending on the size of the container, distance of the reach and space to maneuver.  

shipping Container grades & Quality guide

The quality of shipping containers can vary greatly depending on whom you are buying from. While the majority of vendors market their containers as being Wind and Water Tight, this is often far from the truth. Shipping container repairs are very expensive so avoid costly mistakes by checking out our shipping container grading guide to see the difference between an as-is container, Wind and Water Tight container, Cargo Worthy Container, an IICL container or a new / one-time-use shipping container.   


Victoria Shipping Containers Inc is proud to offer a variety of payment options including e-transfer, wire payment, certified bank draft or cheque front and back photo + mail delivery payment 5 days prior to delivery. Credit Card payment is also available however it is subject to a 2.9% processing fee as this is what they charge us. 

Container Modifications

Spruce up the outside of your container with a cost-effective paint job or add a door for easier access. There are lots of modification options to chose from including window additions, container framing, insulation, electrical, hvac and more. As a result of hard work and a commitment to following through on every job, we’ve developed great relationships with Victoria’s finest contractors and work together to offer all of the best shipping container solutions at one single location.

2022 Summer Shipping Container Price Update: 20 Foot Cargo Worthy Shipping Containers / $5300 + tax and delivery

2022 Summer Shipping Container Sale: 20 Foot NEW Shipping Containers / $6850 + tax (LOCAL delivery included)