Buy Custom Shipping Containers!

Shipping containers have become a very popular item for residential home owners for good reason. They are easy to move, easy to customize, they are built to last and it seems like there isn’t anything that can’t be done with them. Whether you are storing dirt bikes, equipment, tools, cars or toys, shipping containers provide a nearly indestructible enclosure to keep your stuff safe, warm and dry. We’ve seen all sorts of things get built using shipping containers too! From homes to bleachers to kilns for drying firewood and more. The limitations of shipping containers are seemingly limitless. 

We buy shipping containers of all levels of quality. Some are scratched, some are dented, some are in excellent condition and some are brand new. No matter the initial quality of your container, we offer the option to have it painted any colour you want. Our team can also cut out windows, doors and more. We’ll even work with your contractor to provide the perfect framework for your next cool project. Call us now and get a great price on your custom shipping container today!